Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gallas forecast Arsenal forwards

LONDON: William Gallas believes factor 'fear' afford leaps to Arsenal to continue advance to final Piala Liga simultaneously continue record without dropping when come down to oppose Tottenham in enemy position, today.

Gallas's team would be confronting second match semifinals after two team that bound 1-1 in the first match in White Hart Lane, previously.

Even though confident Tottenham placed as favourite team when act home ground, Gallas carry task as Gunners's captain, realize match history more favouring on the team Arsene Wenger to continue advance to Wembley.

In all conscience it little fact can fade spirit fight Spurs instead of becoming inspiration supply Gallas and his team.

Although design on the ropes to the team Juande Ramos's operand that in first meeting in Stadium Emirates, Arsenal slip off revenue person equalization network Theo Walcott at the end match.

Confident Gallas memory cause design missed the boat and span failure long time undergo during fight against Arsenal would have the effect for Spurs when design try to end drought without record any victory that.

“For Spurs, match in Emirates seems as one defeat. Design well played and it a great opportunity to them.

“Design may win 2-0 them but fail that enables we tie design draw with the decision,” said Gallas.

“Me sure we would be stronger in the match reciprocal and design realize it.

“Them know sure difficult to defeat us home ground,” he said.

Future Gallas act make League Cup deep first time, today even though without the presence Kolo Toure, Johan Djourou and Alexandre Song. - AFP

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