Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ready Gallas carry challenge

LONDON – William Gallas (picture) believe concern factor can help Arsenal forwards to the final match League Cup, simultaneously maintain record without dropping The Gunners when face Tottenham Hotspur today.

Arsenal will visit to White Hart Lane for semi-final second meeting League Cup after draw both team 1-1 in Stadium Emirates to main action.

When Tottenham think design have the inside track act home ground, Arsenal's captain, aware Gallas that history prove that guidance squad Arsene Wenger that would to be the team will proceed to Stadium Wembley, League Cup final stage.

Arsenal still not yet lose in 21 meeting with Spurs, one record create since the year 1999.

“For Spurs, meeting in Emirates is as defeat to them. Design act nicely and it a great opportunity to them. Design duly win 2-0, but failed doing him,” said Gallas.

“I am confident we will become stronger to second meeting this, would also devise know him wait.

“Them know very hard to defeat us although design act home ground.”

With the absence Kolo Toure, Johan Djourou and Alexandre Song today, Gallas prepared to make League Cup deep debut this season.

“Position still bound 1-1 and it still open. It depend to we to win it there. If I is required, already decide me shall be ever ready,” said Gallas.


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